This project was born form a mix of concerns. On the one hand, an interest in the pakistani society way of life which, in spite of living in Barcelona, conserves it own habits, relating between them without integrating entirely with the rest of the neighbourhood. Living together but isolated somehow. And, on the other hand, I can't help fully involved with the defense of the feminine rights and the need of a higher empowerment in our society. As a result, I arrived to the conclusion that treat the situation of the immigrant women from the pakistani region would contribute to give voice and visibility to a community that, by it origin and sex, remains in a secondary and uneven plane of which they want to get out with work and effort.

Without the help of Naszra Zafar and Huma Jamshed, this book couldn't have been possible had they not allowed me to witness all the effort that carry out. And for offering me their help, their constant support and, especially, their affection and friendship. Thank you for everything.

I would also want to thank Azra, Quratul, Kulsoom, Zaibunisa, Raheela, Saher, Ume, Hira, Robina, Anum and so many others. These are their faces, full of life and of will to go on and work for everybody